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JH All Region Band
Sunday, December 4th, 2011
Several students traveled to Panhandle yesterday to audition for the ATSSB Middle School All-Region Honor Band. Over 950 students entered the contest!!! It was a long night for everyone, but the results were great! Gruver had 20 students make the band and had several make 1st chair in the top band! The all-region clinic/concert will take place at WTAMU in January! Below are the results from the contest. A full write-up and picture will follow tomorrow!

Clarissa Soto – Concert Band – 6th Chair Flute
Lizi Tarango – Concert Band – 8th Chair Flute
Randi Jines – Concert Band – 16th Chair Clarinet
Mattie Mayfield – Symphonic Band – 5th Chair Clarinet
Abigail Trejo – Symphonic Band – 7th Chair Clarinet
Lizbeth Trejo – Symphonic Band – 13th Chair Clarinet
Katy McLennan – Symphonic Band – 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
Kennedy Venneman – Symphonic Band – 1st Chair Alto Saxophone
Tania Ortiz – Symphonic Band – 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Trenton Finley – Symphonic Band – 5th Chair Trumpet
Ady Garcia – Symphonic Band – 1st Chair Trumpet
Sarah Olmos – Concert Band – 7th Chair Trumpet
Nick Rivera – Symphonic Band – 10th Chair Trumpet
Maddie Book – Symphonic Band – 6th Chair French Horn
Antolina Mendoza – Symphonic Band – 3rd Chair French Horn
Adam Casdorph – Concert Band – 11th Chair Trombone
Ramiro Hernandez – Symphonic Band – 8th Chair Trombone
Meny Terrazas – Concert Band – 8th Chair Trombone
Lalo Barrera – Concert Band – 7th Chair Tuba
Ulysses Valverde – Symphonic Band – 6th Chair Tuba

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