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5 States Honor Band Results
Monday, November 16th, 2009
We would like to congratulate the thirty nine students who made the Five-States honor band. They will have a concert on Dec. 12 in Guymon, Oklahoma.

Thirty nine Gruver band members made Five-States Honor band this year. We would like to congratulate;

Junior high flutes;
Serena Diaz
Vanessa Garcia
Katie Soliz
Gaby Villalobos
Alternate Jordan Tucker
Alternate Lesley Bernal

Junior high Clarinets;
First chair Hannah Speck
Second chair Noemy Guerecca
Cassie McKay
Matti Mayfield
Rachel Teal
Lizbeth Trejo
Brennyn Seagler first alternate
Rayel fourth alternate

Alto Sax;
First chair Kennedy King
Fifth chair Bailey Stedje

Tenor Sax;
First chair Rebecca Fransen

French horn;
First chair Raegan Haynes
Second chair Zoe Cantrell
Madi Teal
Antolina Mendoza
Michaela Davis


First chair Oziel Ray
Second Chair Gabriel Mundo
Trenton Finley
Brett Wills
Ady Garcia
Nick Rivera
Second alternate Blake Wills

Junior high Tuba;
Marco Ayala
Andy Borunda

First chair LC Perez
Karsten Irwin

High school

Yesenia Monroy

Fatima Barrera
Paula Terrazas
Rocio Terrazas
First alternate; Macy McClennan

Hs percussion; Leigh Anne Winger

First alternate Wil McCloy

High School Trumpet;

Mariela Mundo
Damian Pierce

Tenor Sax;
Nikki Bealsey

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