Saturday, December 16, 2017

Welcome to Gruver ISD

District of Innovation

School Song Fight Song 

O Alma Mater we do love you.

All you’ve done we’ll never know.

We love your halls and all your classrooms.

You know we will remember Gruver High.

Our dear old school will never fail us.

For it is loved by all.

So may the spirit be forever with us G.H.S.

Now Alma Mater be with us always, we’ll stand up for you.


On to victory,

For the Hounds for the Hounds tonight.

We will never lose a game,

For the Greyhounds fight with might.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

On to victory,

For the Hounds will win every night.

For the Hounds, for the Hounds,

for the Gruver Greyhounds

We’re a team that will always fight.