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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Council


SHAC Members

Sahala Gaillard, RN  Co-Chair
Julie Maupin, Parent  Co-Chair
Holly Key  Parent
Erin Reid  School Counselor
Holly McLain  Staff Member
Lexy Glass  Administrator
Bethany Schenk  Parent/Medical Professional
Kaylee Etbauer  Parent
Molly McCloy  Parent

Minutes from 9.20.23 Meeting

Minutes from 4.24.23 Meeting

Minutes from 3.29.23 Meeting

Minutes from 1.17.23 Meeting

Minutes from 9.21.22 Meeting


GISD Human Sexuality and Responsibility Curriculum

Minutes from 11.23.21 Meeting

Minutes from 12.16.21 meeting


Minutes from 5.9.22 AM Meeting

Minutes from 5.9.22 PM Meeting


Wellness Plan

Wellness Assessment Tool